Decision Aid Development Process

Key stakeholders who could be involved in the co-design of decision aids

  • Internal team
    1. Project coordinator
    2. Scientific reviewer
    3. Biostatistician
    4. Graphic designer
    5. Translator
    6. Health literacy expert
  • Advisory committee
    1. Patient expert
    2. Clinician expert
    3. Decision maker

User-centered iterative design approach helps engage users in development

PADA facilitates the work of the internal team, which must consider comments from co-authors and the advisory committee throughout the development of a decision aid. The internal team must analyze these comments before modifying the tool, which must then be resubmitted to all members of the advisory committee for validation, in an iterative manner, until a consensus is reached.

One of the main features of PADA is that stakeholders can comment on a graphical version of the decision aid. This intuitive approach greatly simplifies this step of the process. Thanks to this fluid interaction, the internal team is able to gather more thorough and targeted feedback, helping enhance the overall efficiency of the development process.